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Unsinkable Titanic Table Cruise Ship With Ice Block

Unsinkable Titanic Table Cruise Ship With Ice Block

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About this item

  • ❥❥❥【 Unsinkable Boat in a Box】This unsinkable ship decoration symbolizes courage, when you shake this fluid drift bottle, there is a surging sea, cruise ships and icebergs float with the water, as if they are about to capsize, and eventually they will float on the water.
  • ❥❥❥【More Than Just A Toy】Such cruise ship ornaments can give you a great sense of security and can relieve stress and anxiety. such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, and problems with hand-eye coordination.
  • ❥❥❥【Cruise Ship Fluid Drift Bottle】The outer layer of the cruise ship model decorations is made of high-quality acrylic, with crystal-like transparency, and clear vision. Cruise ships and icebergs are made of resin, and the built-in seawater is pure water and vegetable oil, very safe.
  • ❥❥❥【Perfect Home Decoration】Without a doubt this cruise ship fluid bottle is perfect for your office, desk or home. (Please do not place in the car or expose it to the sun in summer, it may lead to rupture)
  • ❥❥❥【A Gift To Remember】Never sinking cruise ship model decoration, is not only a simple model toy but also symbolizes the perfect gift of brave spirit and eternal love. (Note: When the weather is cold, the oil inside may harden, and it only takes a few minutes to soak in warm water to recover. )
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